Introduction: Where to Begin?

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Introduction: Where to Begin?
<h3><a href=""><img class="alignright wp-image-126 size-full" src="" alt="Logo_en1[1]" width="116" height="126" /></a>Rock and Roll</h3> In 1632, Galileo Galilei rocked civilization by publishing <em>Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems</em>. The leaders of his time did everything but murder him for his pronouncements, for the ideas in his book threatened to destroy everything they hid behind. They knew that his words would shake belief systems everywhere and cause people to look at each other differently. But what he wrote about was not as radical as we are told. He did not come right out and claim that the earth swung around the sun; nor did he scream from the rooftops that some lights in the night sky were not gods, but other planets just like the earth with moons of their own. No, he made a far less startling suggestion; it was his discovery relating to <em>tides</em>. Most scientists of that time agreed that the moon’s gravity could be responsible for pulling the water off the earth’s surface and causing high tides. This was an acceptable explanation. But what bothered Galileo was not that the water rose as the moon passed overhead, but that the tide also came up when the moon was on the opposite side of the earth. After some consideration, and after exhausting all other theories, Galileo decided that there was only one explanation: When it passes behind the planet, the moon must also be pulling the earth away from the surface water. The earth simply sinks into the sphere of water that surrounds it, and the water floats off. The earth moves - it wobbles - as the moon circles it. They both wobble, in a glorious celestial dance. It was this theory that the earth did not stay stationary in the universe that most offended the ruling elite of the day. They could not accept even the few feet of movement that Galileo suggested, and it was these few feet that eventually came to break down everyone’s view of the universe and their place in it. <em>Just a few feet.</em> In this wiki we will also try to dislodge you from your idea of how the universe works, as well as our place in it. We’ll try to nudge you off your currently held beliefs - not by much, just a bit. Yet in this direction the opportunities are vast, uncharted and promising; only first you must believe in yourself and be willing to rethink how the world works.

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