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Just what Is a weighted voteA weighted vote is just like a regular vote, used in any kind of election, except that the actual size of the individual’s vote is calculated by a computer at the polling station, effectively giving each of us a different sized vote. How can the size be determined? Easily, by looking up our tax records, running what our income is through a simple equation, and re-entering the vote with its new size. There are a variety of proposals for formulas to use (which we’ll explore soon), but we believe that the fairest and most effective way to size votes is inversely to wealth, so that the less wealth you have, the more vote you get (and vice-versa).

By directly redistributing supervision over the government in this way, wealthy people can keep the economic power that they cherish; but in order to do so must hand over some of their political influence to those who really need it – the poorer and middle-class people. Everyone gets a voice, and everyone gets a choice.

Vote sizing is not an all or nothing proposition. It is not about taking all the power away from wealthy people and then giving it all to the poorest people. Instead, with vote sizing, everybody gets a percentage of each. For example, some people might choose 80% wealth and 20% power, others might go for 50%-50%, and others 70%-30% in favor of power.

Because vote sizing becomes a matter of personal taste, it encourages personal responsibility and discourages us from looking at others as if we know best for them.

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