Avalanche of Corruption

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Avalanche of Corruption
Living in a corrupt society means more than just lousy social structures. It would be naïve to assume that corruption could infect our institutions without affecting us as people. In fact, none of us are immune from corruption; instead we all adapt it as a lifestyle choice and assimilate it into our consciousness as degraded thought patterns. Later on in this book we will go into more detail on how <em>the different aspects</em> of corruption also become <em>internalized</em> and <em>personalized</em>; for now, let’s take a look at the larger overall picture. Corruption comes at us as overlapping pyramids driven by an unscrupulous few, but only because there are underlying thought models that fuel the engine, keep us from seizing the moment, and force our backs against the wall. There are two fundamental emotional prerequisites at work to keep the ruling elite on top of their clouds and prevent the rest of us from causing effective change: domination and frustration. Together they work to spread emotional rigidity and powerlessness among the population and reinforce a general sanction of the rules of corruption.

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