Before we begin making sweeping statements and generalizing about money, power, the wealthy and the poor, we need to acknowledge that there are many, many exceptions to our rules – extraordinary people who don’t behave according to our predefined notions.

Many people up and down the social ladder behave selflessly, and there are those at all levels for whom money plays only a small part in their motivation. It’s just as wrong to assume that all wealthy people are greedy as it is to assume that all poorer people are angry. And there are people throughout society who, through the goodness of their hearts, have found and encouraged peace and happiness without the need to change society.

And thank God for all of them and God bless them for being who they are, but as this book is about how to bring about social change, we will need to adopt a somewhat radical stance and make some bold generalizations. All we can ask in doing so is that the ideas presented here will help to bring people closer and not align them against each other.

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