Healthy Individuals

We’ve learned that vote sizing is manifest on the personal level as the fair choice.  Not only does the fair choice serve to ensure that people have chosen their spot on the wealth/power curve, but because this placement is not static over time, it also provides each of us an opportunity to individually totally change the way we think about ourselves, each other, our world, and our place in that world. Through the fair choice we can finally break the cycle of humiliation and defeat that corruption has kept us snarled in for far too long. The application of the fair choice through society means individually we can no longer look at others as the source of all our problems, instead turning inwards to find for the source of – and the solution to – what ails us.  Asking ourselves to make the fair choice is the best and fastest way to learn how to take charge of our own lives. By engaging the fair choice, we can break the fear-based cycle of dissatisfaction, abuse, disrespect and destruction. Personal pure forms results in:

  • Empowered, autonomous, courageous people who are able to take charge of their lives in a responsible way.
  • Enriched lives full of exploration.
  • A massive paradigm shift in thinking about our place and role in the universe; hopefully toward seeing that we are all part of a much larger purpose.
  • A way to clearly see ourselves around, or through, dogma.
  • A way to engage in life in a dialectical, questioning way.
  • An accurate reflection on how all creatures throughout time have learnt to belong in the intricate web of life.

Hopefully, by now, you are as pumped up on vote sizing as we are and starting to taste just a little of the liberating and empowering potential that comes with just thinking of the huge paradigm shift ahead of us. Regarding exactly what it all means and what each of our roles ought to be; there’s not much more we can say. Vote sizing is, after all, more than anything else, focused wholeheartedly on your voice. So whatever effect it’s having on you right now belongs entirely to you to do with as you please. If our vision of separated wealth and power doesn’t appeal to you; if you don’t think it’s achievable; or if you’ve already locked in your own ideas of how to get there – then there’s not going to be much of interest in the reading ahead. For those who share our vision of separated wealth and power; it way be time to put this book down and spend a few minutes trying to picture exactly what that kind of world may look, function and feel like; and specifically how we might get there from here − then return, and we’ll spend the rest of this book dissecting all that’s wrong with our world, brainstorming ideas of how to defend our position to skeptics and moderates, and how step-by-step we can use things like vote sizing to turn our vision of pure forms into our reality. So without further ado, let’s journey on…

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