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Before we go further, just in case we’re still not “on the same page,” let’s take a moment and do two quick self-inventories of opinion. Not everyone is ready, willing, or able to grasp the many intricacies of vote sizing. We value your time, and these opinion inventories will help save it. Why learn about something that doesn’t appeal to you?

Simply check the boxes next to statements that you agree with more than you disagree.


Inventory of Doubt

  • I’m not wholly convinced that capital and wealth are the source of all humanity’s ills.
  • I’m not convinced that the destruction of our environment is inevitable.
  • I’m not sure that the broader lifestyle opportunities of the wealthy and privileged necessarily expose them to more of life’s truths.
  • I don’t necessarily believe that our best plan of action is the destruction of the democratic system.
  • I’m not certain that trusting the opinions of the less affluent would be a bad idea.
  • I’m not convinced my vote counts.


All right, try this one…


Inventory of Conviction

  • We as citizens have handed over to government the power to act.
  • In order to permit change in our lives, we must change our government in some constructive way.
  • Money is an inevitable medium of exchange but an ineffective medium of change.
  • Wealth insulates us from the consequences of our actions.
  • The best citizens are those who feel they make a real contribution to the governance of their society.
  • Voting remains the best way to express citizens’ wishes.
  • By changing the way we govern ourselves, we can bring about a change in human nature.
  • We must somehow balance the sway that money has over our governments


Now tally up your checked boxes. If you’ve checked off more than seven, drop everything, get a coffee and read on.

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