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Corrupted representation forms a tyrannical hourglass structure.

Corrupted representation forms a tyrannical hourglass structure.

While a representation pyramid is very stable and honorable if left pure, who doesn’t harbor some suspicion nowadays that the people we elect into our government actually represent powerful interests that are not our own? It can’t be a fault in the choice of the specific mode of government, because wherever we look—whether it’s in American or Russian two-party systems, Canadian or British multi-party systems, or Israeli or Italian fragmented governments trying to build coalitions that can survive more than a few months —we see a huge disconnect between appearance and reality and get the feeling that the one person the people can’t rely on is their leader. What’s happened to derail our goal of building pyramids?

If not working properly to form a pyramid structure, any one of the different subsystems can easily lend itself to corruption. When the representation pyramid becomes entangled with the rule of law pyramid, the opportunity pyramid, and/or the reward pyramid, then self-interest replaces common good and the pyramid is deformed into something quite different: an hourglass.

And although it’s not always crystal clear how or when this happens, once it does it’s not too long before all of us start to feel uneasy about our future. Then those of us with the energy – or sick sense of humor – to open our eyes wide and bear witness to the collapse see just how a corrupt system becomes deaf and blind to all our needs.

Although many dictatorships, republics, anarchies, etc., try to cover up their nature by being tyrannical, they are not necessarily prerequisites,  they are not prerequisites, not all tyrannies are (it doesn’t follow tha to us) for only in tyranny do we find an attempt to manipulate the system and pull the wool over the people’s eyes. Tyranny represents a corruption of the system. This means that we have to be extra vigilant, for tyranny can just as (or even more) easily overwhelm a representative democracy as any other political system. Tyrants – by vote sizing standards – are simply self-proclaimed politicians who, under the guise of a popular mandate, refuse to listen to, appreciate, invigorate or obey the will of the people and instead use their privileged positions to do whatever the hell they please.

As opposed to the fluidity of a pure representation pyramid, the dynamics of a tyranny hourglass maintain three coexisting systems. In the top there is a dysfunctional hierarchy, where the ruling leaders ascend through exclusivity and no longer represent the people’s interests. At the bottom sits a compressed and stunted pyramid, where the people’s needs, votes and voices are silenced without their realizing exactly how they have lost their power or influence. And in the middle is a squeezed and disappearing group of moderates, growing frustrated and detached because, in trying to straddle the two and maintain balance, they are fighting a losing battle.

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