The \Dysfunctional/ Top

In the top of a tyranny hourglass you find… tyrants. These are people who, by manipulating the system, slither into public office and gain control of public policy. Instead of representing the people’s interests, tyrants do whatever they can to consolidate their own power, using a combination of brutality, patronage and greed to stay on top (as we’ll discuss in later chapters). So the more dysfunctional these individuals are, the higher they rise into a world of shadow governments, criminal organizations, conspiracies, kickbacks, theft, inactivity, religious fanaticism and idealism. Yet they don’t exist in complete isolation, for that would defeat the interlocking function of corruption. So throughout a corrupt society, there is little doubt that someone somewhere else continues to pull strings, and from the political arena emanates a stench of smug detachment, counterfeit sentiment, malignant use of rhetoric and spin, filibustering, mind control, cartels, dull debate, and lies, lies and more lies.

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