The |Squeezed| Middle

Those in the middle of the tyranny hourglass are the political moderates, who usually prefer to mind their own business instead of interfering in the decisions politicians make. They seek, above all, stability and reconciliation; however, in the corrupted society, that’s not what they get. Squeezed between the bottom’s hostility and the top’s elitism, they see the voice of reason being diminished and are increasingly unable to keep things in check. Yet by nature they refrain from doing anything drastic to regain control; at best, they try to engage with the established political process by running for local, municipal or regional offices or by joining local organizations. But without meaningful linkages, leadership tends to become short-sighted, lack common sense, and grow petty and closed-minded, and here we find the frustration of mayors, provincial heads, organizations and activists—all accomplishing much too little from too much work.

As a result, at the end of their struggles, the radicalization of the tyranny hourglass forces those in the middle to choose between joining the corrupt top or the ineffective bottom or, having grown disgusted, to simply turn their backs on all the lousy polarity. And so the squeezed moderates, who wanted to restore decency to politics and have a calming effect, instead lead the way towards apathy and the ‘defeated voter’ syndrome… upon which tyranny is maintained. (We’ll also discuss this in detail in the last chapter of the book.)

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