Now that we’ve put the math and science behind us, it’s time to see how vote sizing can find a home in the real world. Since tyranny exists as a problem in the real − not theoretical − world, vote sizing will have to confront it in this world. By encouraging us to think specifically of 1) different tyrannical models and 2) formulas for achieving truer representation, vote sizing not only provides a new way for us to crystallize and express our own political thoughts but has already got us embracing real world technology in truly progressive and political ways. Although there are a variety of ways to compute the sizing of votes, at least now we we’ll be charting our ideas clearly, on paper, in order to analyze them. This is immensely effective in 1) clarifying our own views and 2) comparing them to others’, which will then assist us in forming political consensus and making political compromises.. Even though the science of vote sizing leans away from theoretical abstracts (value, power, equality, etc) and towards practical absolutes (income and votes), we still need to show how it will conquer political corruption step by step. To do this we’re next going to walk through the rise of a brand new political party − the Democratic Empowerment Party − and see how this political movement can, by being self-empowering while taking the fight to the people, grow rapidly and convert even the most apolitical into rallying behind a political cause.

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