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Whew, that’s a pretty impressive, and depressing, quick list of just some of the ways that our vote has been whittled away to almost nothing, and the fact is that we’re just scratching the surface. Even as we try to chip away at one part or another of the tyrant’s toolbox, we’re really just taking jabs at the tip of the corruption iceberg – and since it’s based so thoroughly on complete domination, any minor effect we may have is easily unbalanced by them, just rolling over to cover their tracks and exposing a different side of their rule to distract us. The task of overcoming all the obstacles and switcheroos they can throw up is daunting.

For vote sizing to work, it’s going the have to achieve three goals. Hopefully, by now you can see that we’ve accomplished the first, which was to debunk the myth that the people already have the power since they each have a vote and already form a majority. This implies that they must either want this corrupt kind of government or else are too lazy and stupid to assume their civic responsibilities, take action, educate themselves and vote responsibly. But now that we have a fuller grasp of all the different tyranny tools that they’re up against, simply throwing back the blame onto their shoulders for becoming powerless in the face of all this tyranny is just oversimplifying the situation. The truth is that the people do want and try to exercise their power through the vote, they do want a better government than what they have, and they will take action when they believe it has the potential to change things. What they don’t have is the patience and stamina to obsessively chase after the corrupt few who themselves enjoy nothing more than playing an endless game of three-card-monte. Having accomplished this, our second goal will be to see how vote sizing has what it takes to get people to invest their time and energy promoting it. However, before we rush ahead and do that, we should look into our third goal, which is to address the whole issue of the very feasibility of vote sizing. _

This may not be all that easy. Vote sizing can be implemented only through the use of computers, and a large number of people would rather keep computers as far away from the polling station as possible and stick to the traditional way of doing things. Their suspicions are not unfounded either; one more of the tools in the tyrant’s toolbox is the use of technology itself. Even though advances in technology have contributed to the evolution of democracy and representation, technology also can and is being used to reinforce a corrupt social order, causing unhealthy interruptions and misdirection in the way power flows through our society. What we need to do is find a way of explaining how vote sizing is a safe and practical way to once again embrace technology as a means of helping establish social justice.

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