Computerized Sizing

If your brain is tired of thinking, you may want to just bookmark this page and come back later, or else just skim through it (we’re not going to go into the science of simulations in this book), because this next method definitely ventures into some deep science fictional waters. But if you’re a real techie with the inclination, then it’s time to put on your propeller-head cap and really work your imagination. We’re going to enter a somewhat distant version of just how far vote sizing can push the envelope of social engineering – the kind of out-there approach that shouldn’t be attempted until vote sizing in general proves itself as an adequate way to run elections and we’ve finished perfecting the other simpler methods. That said, we’re not veering too far off topic, as there is a good reason why it’s called ‘political science’, and everything covered in this section still applies to our overall examination of vote sizing.

Analyzing the political / economic machinery remains a very intertwined and complicated science. So far, most of the models the experts use attempt either to isolate a few factors from the rest or to show how human motivation works below the surface to propel some people forward while stalemating others − modeling humans after, for example, a flock of birds, where some veer from the flock to gain position (wealth and power) while others fall behind. The chart below takes a different view of this situation, showing instead how material goods flow around and through society, adhering to those who already have wealth and being somewhat regulated by the laws enacted by those who already have power. (Stay tuned to our website, as in the future we plan to have an on-line interactive version of this model up and running in real time.)

If trusted, computers can use a myriad of variables to try to calculate the maximum fairness in everyone's vote.

If trusted, computers can use a myriad of variables to try to calculate the maximum fairness in everyone’s vote.

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