The DEP’s Seven Guiding Principles

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  • Here is the official mandate of the DEP:
  1. The Democratic Empowerment Party (DEP) is a new new-left international political party, with the primary focus on invoking electoral reform in such a way as to increase the size of citizens’ vote inversely to wealth, so that poorer people get larger votes.
  2. The Democratic Empowerment Party does not wish to be yet another party speaking on behalf of the poor. The DEP wishes instead to give a voice to the poor through a weighted vote. Thus, the DEP remains flexible and does not adopt rigid agendas nor fixed political platforms. Of course, since the DEP represents the interest of the poorer and unempowered majority, the goal of establishing environmental integrity, a sustainable economy, and respect for the democratic process remain at the forefront of the DEP campaign.
  3. The DEP believes in also maintaining some kind of referendum process on a one-person one-vote basis, so that a general polling of the population can be done to monitor the overall acceptance and success of governmental policies.
  4. The DEP, in support of the radical left and having its roots in activism movements, recognizes that there are many ways to scale votes! The DEP welcomes all opinions regarding different formulas and vote scaling techniques in the belief that at least now we can come together and discuss our ideas in real, concrete, visual terms.
  5. The DEP, in serving its goal of balancing out the power inherent in money, capitalism and globalization, does not propose scaling votes in favor of the rich or privileged. This it sees as a method of modern slavery and fascism.
  6. The DEP does not wish to replace the current governmental structure, only to continually reform it in accordance with the changing values of the people. Therefore, the DEP sees itself only as one of many political parties in the political arena. Even with vote-scaling reforms in place, there is nothing to prevent traditional “one-person, one-vote” political parties from participating in elections. This also means that the DEP can become a very powerful and influential opposition party in the current political system.
  7. The DEP will be fully and openly accountable for all its funding and expenses through viewable and downloadable files on our website.
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