External Wealth: Influence

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Our external wealth is derived from our level of financial responsibility in our professional lives (and, to a much lesser degree in an over-leveraged capitalist system, in our personal lives as consumers). For example: A stock broker who manages millions of dollars of other people’s money, trading it in the market every day, has a lot of external wealth – no matter how large a paycheck he takes home. The same for a movie producer who keeps a list of financiers closely hidden from others, a CEO of a multinational corporation, or a bureaucrat responsible for managing a large budget.  Brain surgeons, on the other hand, are not very externally wealthy, despite the fact that theirs is an extremely delicate job that requires them to take lives into their hands. Nor are highly paid entertainers externally wealthy; while they may earn tens of millions of dollars every year, they have no responsibility over anyone’s money besides their own.

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