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For the essentials of our lives, we need a flow, a constant intake from the external and output of the internal − which results in the realm of synthesis wealth, measured by the amount of money we take in less the amount we spend: income minus expenses. This way of measuring money is the most common, and accurate, reflection of our relationship with wealth. We go out into the world each day to earn money so that we can pay rent, put food on our plates, gas in our cars, clothes on our backs, signals in our phones and transmissions in our electric cables, care for our children, and have a little bit of fun every once in a while. This hyper-interaction is what really dictates the health of the economic system and therefore forms our most fundamental and essential relationship with wealth. More than anything else, it is what we earn and spend that best defines us economically. For most of us, security comes from having a healthy income.

Wealth triads work within our lives to allow us to participate in the overall capitalist system.

Wealth triads work within our lives to allow us to participate in the overall capitalist system.

Synthesis wealth is also the easiest of the three types of wealth to measure, since it is a real number not susceptible to personal perspectives or arbitrary values − making it the best candidate for measuring in vote sizing. Income tax records are already kept in order to understand, accommodate, and integrate the different amounts of wealth people have into regulating the system. We must all come up with a number to enter on our tax statements (or risk getting in a whole lot of trouble), and without that specificity, the government would have a hard time indeed collecting taxes in an orderly and manageable way. And because our income information is already stored in a centralized location, it can be made easily accessible for vote sizing, and we won’t need to add any additional layers to the currently sizable bureaucracy. So, for the sake of simplicity, the best way to measure wealth is to focus on net income, and the net worth figure on our tax returns is the best starting point. (In case you have any thoughts about whether tax evaders/avoiders can jeopardize the whole idea of vote sizing, skip ahead to our case study in the Greed section.)

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