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The Democratic Empowerment Party is the political arm of vote sizing. Many times I’ve been asked: ‘Why a political party? Why not try to convert an existing one, form a lobby group, a non-profit, hand out pamphlets, lead a rally or march?’ The reason I haven’t is because I believe that philosophically vote sizing calls for more indication of what it represents, and starting a political party − the DEP − is more effective and fitting than working around the system. To step away from the relevance of voting and try to adjust the political / electoral machine from outside demonstrates a very important aspect of any healthy democracy; but if we want to get people thinking about how important their vote can be, we ought to get them voting for that vote in the first place (get the drift?).

Why all this importance put on the votes? Because as we saw in the previous chapter, the vote is the people’s link to the hub of the political world (as synthesis power); and this political world is actually the start point of a functioning society. How is it the start? Well, so far we’ve identified four different quarters of our society that can either separately interact to work well or else be corrupted to work against our interests, so the four components of a corrupt system (tyranny, brutality, patronage and greed) will always interconnect. For example, greed begets brutality (and most other sick systems) and brutality begets tyranny. We don’t see war without profiteering, discrimination without injustice, or slavery without the rulers living off the spoils. In this way, the path towards a corrupt system is like a row of dominoes – you tip the first domino over and it topples the next one, which topples the next, and the next… and so on until all the dominoes lie in a heap on the floor.

A healthy society begins with representation in order to maintain its integrity; whereas a corrupt society allows tyranny to further undermine all the other social links.

A healthy society begins with representation in order to maintain its integrity; whereas a corrupt society allows tyranny to further undermine all the other social links.

But while these dominoes seem to be scattered randomly, by looking closely we can see that one did fall first. To find out which one, we just need to look at a stable system. Most of us would agree that of all the signs of a healthy society, the most prized  is a functioning form of representation. Wherever and whenever people put good pyramidal governments in place and have some say in, and responsibility over, their lives, then the other power/wealth structures are able to be kept intact while society evolves. Representation is required for a good rule of law: a good rule of law enforces honest opportunity, and with this opportunity we find a vibrant economy that satisfies people without spurring greed. Tracing the contrary path of a corrupt society, we find that of our four main institutions, representation comes first; and what initially sets the dominoes tumbling is the fall of the principle of universal representation and its replacement by tyranny. Once representation becomes tyranny, it’s all too easy for the rule of law to be reversed by brutality, which then invites patronage, and that finally kicks greed in to fuel the corruption cycle. Another way of looking at it: Unless you’re very lucky or very ruthless, once our government stops acting on your behalf, you can pretty much kiss the rest of what you’ve got goodbye.

Eventually, when we trace the trail backward, we find that our individual power over corruption materializes when we walk into the polling station and cast our vote. People have fought and died for our right to vote, because it is the fundamental link that connects us with our power institutions, which then connect everything else. So this innovation, this human invention, this revered human creation is what we will be focusing on through the Democratic Empowerment Party.

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