Bad, Bad Media

To those with keen observation skills, the whole campaign finance reform exercise / debate is just a distraction from the real culprit: the media, which only add to the interference patterns that we need to see beyond. How ironic it is that that bastion of trustworthy, unbiased information doesn’t cover the fact that the whole campaign system is essentially geared towards raising money for …itself! So as we sit slack-jawed in front of the television sets, waiting for some comprehensive information on which we can base our decisions, what we get is titillation and in-depth coverage of the latest scandal. Then, before the drool has a chance to dry, we’re pounded with commercials for beer and cars. Why? Because like nowhere else, in the media time is money – and by withholding the candidates’ access to their audience, the media can extort a ton of their contribution money. It’s no wonder that all that comes through the tube is more ads, more meaningless slogans, and more coverage of campaign mudslinging.

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