Vote Sizing – Main Talking Points

Here is a list of the main talking points we’ve put together for people to start a dialog with each other.

  1. Vote sizing is the next evolution in a long line of historical democratic reforms and can be applied to all levels of political organization. (Discussed in this chapter.)
  2. Vote sizing can become the foundation for a serious political party, which can be both non-violent and very effective at engaging the ruling elite and getting them to change their ways. (Discussed in the nextchapter, Brutality.)
  3. Vote sizing is a way to use our incredible technological advances to further, not hinder, the cause of social justice. (Discussed in this and the Patronage chapters.)
  4. Vote sizing encourages and puts in place institutions that allow for a profound shift in human consciousness. (Discussed in the Greed chapter.)

The website was designed from top to bottom to help facilitate a group discussion and to provide a place online where we can organize and grow together. Here’s a list of some of its features:

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