Tyrant’s Toolbox

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Tyrants ain’t dummies. How can they be when, if they don’t keep on top of things, in time people will figure out that the government isn’t so hunky-dory and threaten to revoke their support (or worse)? So instead of setting a laid-back example for the rest of us, tyrants need to work very hard and smart to make sure public awareness never materializes and we are kept in a state of confusion and working just as hard trying not to fall behind as things go from bad to worse. To help them – along with the distracting effects of their brutality, patronage and greed – they keep a toolbox full of handy-dandy tyrannical devices to keep the masses down and the tyranny hourglass in place. These tools span the spectrum from minor sneaky subversions to outright criminal activities.

Tyrants do not want to deliver a knock-out punch to the system, instead preferring to continually undermine our involvement by an endless series of very sharp, but non-fatal, jabs to the side of our heads.

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